339th Fighter Squadron Short Snorter
U.S. One Dollar HAWAII Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # L77381426C -  Submitted by Paul Roales on 3/12/09.
Paul wrote... "This is a short snorter signed by members of the 339th Fighter Squadron, 347th Fighter Group, 13th Air
Force. This is the squadron which shot down Admiral Yamamoto in the South Pacific during World War II (none of the
pilots on that mission signed this note). I have been able to identify the following names (from top to bottom) through
consultation with members of the 339th Fighter Squadron at their reunions: Unknown, Manny Rimer, Paul E. Jones, Ray
Adasiewicz, Douglas Hanson, Elmer S. Wolf, Charles N. Parker, Unknown, W. H. Stiles, Robert H. Rothe, and B. Ramariz."


Manny Rimer

Paul E. Jones

Ray Adasiewicz

Douglas E. Hanson

Elmer S. Wolff

Charles N. Parker

James P. McGuffin (inverted)


W. H. Stiles

Robert W. Rothe

B. Ramirez
The Short Snorter Project