Allah Yar Saleh Signed Short Snorter
U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # A24177863C -  Submitted by Paul Roales on 3/12/09.
Paul wrote... "Short snorter signed by 16 men. I have only been able to identify one signature. The note also contains the
notation "Jan. (or June) 8, 1943 accra". I assume accra is Accra, Ghana, which was a stopping point during World War
II on the South Atlantic Route for supplies and men heading for Egypt, Iran, and India. The one signature I did identify is
"Allah Yar Saleh" over the "O" in "ONE". During WW2 he was a low level Iranian diplomat, but in 1952-53 he was the
Iranian Ambassador to the United States."

"Jan 8, 1943   Accra"

D. R. Indy

William R. Bannon

"Jan. 8, 1943  Accra"

Jos. W. Loveland

Edgar A. Everhart

W. H. Arlan

John Depue Jr.

Allah Yar Saleh

Lt. Lueguei Meauil

N N. Meeter
     "Capt. AC"

Eddie Killin

R. P. Armistead

Lt. Wm H Cheilue

Lt. R. Benson

F. E. Heston "R/O"

Billy A. Woolite

F. K. Hooney
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