Virtual Museum     Belgian Ten Franc Military Scrip Snorter     Date Posted: 12.28.10
Belgian Ten Franc Military Scrip - Serial Number X2749907. Submitted by David Haas who writes, "I just discovered your
website and became an immediate fan. I learned more about short snorters in 20 minutes than I have during all my
research (off the Internet) during the past decade. I would be very interested if you or any of your readers could provide
additional information regarding my short snorter. Attached please find scans of my WWII Belgian 10 franc military scrip
short snorter signed by General Eisenhower and all 5 members of the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces sent to
visit war theaters worldwide during World War II. I obtained this note approximately 10 years ago from my late friend
Colonel Carl Irwin, Jr., (USA) who received it from his father, Colonel Carl Irwin, Sr., (USA) the military commander of the
Port of Antwerp during the end of the war. Of the 12 separate signatures I've been able to discern only six. I would like to
know the names of the unidentified signatures along with the date(s) this note could have been signed and where it was
signed in Belgium. I'm sure the Senators were there only a short time and perhaps a WWII historian within your circle
knows these answers. You have my permission to reprint the scan and all the information in this letter."
The Short Snorter Project

Dwight D. Eisenhowe
(General of the Army)

Richard B. Russell
(Georgia Senator)

(John Chandler) "Chan" Gurney
(South Dakota Senator)

Burnet R. Maybank
(South Carolina Senator)

Harry F. Byrd, Sr.
(Virginia Senator)



J. A. Fa???
(Capt USN)

John McClellan
(Arkansas Senator)

James Oliver Eastland
(Mississippi Senator)

W. Chapman Revercomb
(West Virginia Senator)

Paul L. Badger