Bob Hope Signed Short Snorter
U.S. Two Dollars United States Note - Series 1928D - Serial # C86558020A -  Submitted by Bill O'Rourke on May 15, 2009.
Bill wrote, "I was reading the Numimatist (May 2009 edition) and I found your website. I have an interesting bill. This 1928
D "deuce"  is signed "FROM ANN 4-10th 45".  Signatures on the bill are of Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna (who's most notable
tag line was "AAAAAAHHHHHH  Yes!", followed by just about anything else), Jack Pepper (comedian who was in several
Bob Hope movies), and Billy Conn (Heavyweight fighter out of Philadelphia who fought for the title and lost).
In a correspondence via email from Jerry Colonna's daughter (or granddaughter), the group involved with signing the bill
was most likely approached as they played cards during a USO show.  It was indicated to me that would be the only
likely time they would all be sitting together in one place long enough to have signed the bill. I came into possession of
the bill about 20 years ago.  I purchased it from a gentleman who wanted someone who appreciated it to have it.  My dad
was a middleweight fighter in the Army way back when and he met Billy Conn and others so the previous owner sold it
to me for a nominal amount.  I think it was about five bucks. I had the signatures authenticated about 20 years ago by an
expert in the field back in PA. Here are the pictures. Thanks, Bill O'Rourke "Found In Rolls"

"FROM ANN 4-10th 45"

Jack Pepper

Bob Hope

Billy Conn

Jerry Colonna
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