Virtual Museum       Central Bank of China 5 Customs Gold Units      Posted: 12.28.10
The Short Snorter Project
Central Bank of China Five Customs Gold Units - Series Shanghai 1930 - Serial Number ZD322352 - Submitted by John
Warner of Scotland who writes, "Could this be a short snorter with names of some of the Flying Tigers from 1940-1941?
I found some names on the roster of the Flying Tigers web site but cannot be sure, is there any way to confirm?"

Hayward White

Matilda Barracliffe

Bob Davis

Joe (Lester) Hall, CNAC
(Flying Tigers P-40 pilot)

Roland E. Kn????

Bob Downs


Jim (James J.) Sweeney
(Flying Tigers - Comms)

Jim Pettigrew

Roger ? Allred


Joe ? Patterson

Lt. McClain L. Power
(Flying Tigers P-40 pilot)


J. T. Bergar?

??? R. Roth

Lt. Seymore ???