Charles E. Lees Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Charles E. Lees received his short snorter in Orangeburg, South Carolina, after flying solo at the Hawthorne School of
Aeronautics. His son, John, writes, "He carried his short snorter during WW 2. He was a B-24 flight instructor for part of
the war and then became a commander and pilot of a B-29 Very Heavy Super Fortress.  His aircraft was called
"RAGGED BUT RIGHT" and was attached to the Twentieth Air Force, 315th Bombardment Wing, stationed on Guam.
The dollar bill is a 1935 Silver Certificate.  The date and occasion that produced the short snorter are typed on the
reverse. Most of the names on the bill are hard to read.  The only name we recognize is Geo. M. Withee, his co-pilot."
Collection of artifacts provided by John Lees.
LEFT: Charles E. Lees Air Cadet photograph.
ABOVE: Instrument Certification cards.
LOWER LEFT: View of B-29 Super Fortress "RAGGED BUT RIGHT"
LOWER RIGHT: Close-up of the "RAGGED BUT RIGHT" nose art.