Charles F. House Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Short snorter belonging to Captain Charles Frederick House ("Skipper") who served in the U.S. Navy  from 1903 -1946.
Sent in by his grandson, Don Robert House, former AX2 (AC) USN 1962-1968, third generation U. S. Navy.

Don writes: "As an enlisted Yeoman, C. F. House started his naval career on the USS Florida, a Monitor, in 1903.  
He became a China Hand and served on a gunboat on the Yangtze River.

He was also the supply officer on the USS Nashville when she carried all the gold from the Bank of England to the
Federal Reserve Bank of New York for safe keeping. Commander House signed for all of the gold, which I have the
original bill of lading. Also attached is one of the four consignment sheets.  Note the correction as no one was allowed
to open the crates.

"Skipper" was the Supply Officer on the
U.S.S. Vestal at Pearl Harbor that was tied up to the Battleship U.S.S. Arizona
when both ships were bombed. He received the Bronze Star from Fleet Admiral Nimitz for his work as Area Petroleum
Officer for the Pacific."

(Regarding the short snorter) The folder that the bills are attached to is a Japanese soldiers identification papers taken
from a dead soldier. Since the bills were attached to the form and the bills were crowded with signatures, our
"Skipper" just had them write on the form."
Front of Charles F. House "Short Snorter". The reverse of the Philippines one peso note (upper left) is signed by
famous war correspondent
Ernie Pyle and former world heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney.
Back of Charles F. House "Short Snorter".
Letter from Donald F. House to his son Donald R. House regarding the short snorter of Charles F. House.
Bill of Lading (above) and Consignment Letter (below) signed by Charles F. House for all the gold from the Bank of
England which was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for safe keeping in 1938.
(Gold was about $32/ounce. Figure that out at today's price.....$$$$. My calculator doesn't go that high!)
U.S.S. Vestal