Virtual Museum                                        Banknote: China 100 yuan - Posted: 9.24.07
The Short Snorter Project
Banknote: China 100 yuan (1941) - Submitted by: Dave Mason
Here is a short snorter with the signatures of
Jimmie Dodd (1910 – 1964) and his wife, Ruth Carrell (1909 – 1992).  On
the reverse is the signature of Pat O’Brien (Knute Rockney; various Bing Crosby films, etc.).  The fourth signature
appears to be that of Margaret Kitchen, apparently the soldier that requested the signatures of these USO performers.  
The signatures appear on a well-worn 100 Yuan China bank note; circa 1941.
Jimmie Dodd was best known as the head “Mouseketeer” on Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club (1955 – 1958).
Jimmie and Ruth were married in 1940, just as Jimmie broke into a string of film appearances; mostly in B westerns
and movie serials.   They would travel together through the China-Burma-India theatre of war from October thru
December of 1944 as part of a six-person USO group including Pat O’Brien, Jinx Falkenburg, Harry Brown, and Betty
Yeaton.  It is likely that this short snorter was signed while they performed in over 100 shows and personal
appearances in Karachi , New Delhi , Luichow, and during 10 days at forward air bases in China .
Jimmie Dodd was a devout Christian man, and when Walt Disney discovered Jimmie’s song writing abilities and natural
ability with young people, he was chosen to lead what would become the most popular children’s television program of
the 1950’s; The Mickey Mouse Club.  He and his wife Ruth would write many of the programs songs, including “Do What
the Good Book Says”, which the Mouseketeers would sing to close all of their live performances as they toured the
nation.  These songs, including many of Jimmie’s “Proverb of the Day” (aka “Doddisms”) have been excised from
future airings of the syndicated reruns, but still Jimmie Dodd’s influence over an entire generation of young people
throughout the 1950’s and 60’s will never be forgotten.