Banknote: China 10 yuan (1940) - Submitted by: Tom Sparks
Interesting note from an EBay auction... Appears to be from the "CBI"
China-Burma-India Theatre of operations WWII.
Back side left edge margin has writing "705 SNAFU SHIPMENT" (SNAFU = "Situation Normal All  #!*%*#!%  Up").
Virtual Museum                                        Banknote: China 10 yuan - Posted: 10.19.07
The Short Snorter Project


Pete Landulf (right margin)

John G. Luxem

Birchfield B. Deatherage

Anthony Q. LaLonde

Warren Van Kand

Sgt. Ray Hiller (right margin)

Ira Ernst

St. Sgt. Joseph H. Aubry, Jr. (right margin)

Bob Gilliland

Pete Landry

Maj. K.O. Chen
Black Hand Danielo (left margin)

Ralph Caso

Ray Walsh

<<<Sgt. Kai Rober (right margin)
(see **NOTES** below from his nephew, Bill Warren)

Marty "Shorty" Casper

**NOTE #2**: I googled Kai Rober (in quote marks) and found reference on second page.  It was about a red chinese
note w/signitures from the China / Burma campaign.  Site showed both sides of the note. I have quite a few of the
photos from Kai's/my mother's family, and know I  have seen photos of him in uniform, but remember mostly they
were portraits.  I am the keeper of the family photos which my aunt, Kai's sister had acquired, and I have to go
through them again and better. Her younger sister is in town here and is very sharp.  She was a young teen during
WWII, but knows the family history. My uncle, Kai, worked on water/reservoir/construction projects with the CCC
during the depression, and his experience there was useful in the Burma Highway  (G. Stilwell's project).  I will
check on info and get back to you.  Kai had a great capacity to size up a situation, and to size up people, and get
them working smoothly together.  He was quiet, humble, but strong and heroic. Danish parents. He also served in
Korea , and often told the tale of the Christmas Eve evacuation of American troops from (Inchon?).  While
thousands were evacuating towards waiting ships, he and some few others were heading in the opposite direction,
toward a bridge that needed to be blown up....  Bill