Virtual Museum             Douglas M. Cairns Short Snorter          Date Posted: 12.28.10
The Short Snorter Project
Two U. S. One Dollar Silver Certificates:
Note #1 (Blue Seal) - Series 1935 A - Serial Number X32957570B  (
*** Signed by Eleanor Roosevelt ***)
Note #2 (Brown Seal) HAWAII Overprint - Series 1935A - Serial Number C05833027C
Submitted by Colonel David M. l. Brooks, USAF, Ret., who writes, "We have two "short snorters" that my father-in-law,
Colonel Douglas M. Cairns, carried in the Pacific.  Of particular note,  Eleanor Roosevelt visited Christmas Island where
Col. Cairns was commander."  
Eleanor mentions short snorters in her newspaper columns, "MY DAY". There is one date
which mentions her having supper with Col. Cairns on 21 September 1943.