Short Snorter Signed by Ernest Hemingway and Glenn Miller
Banknote: France 10 francs  -  Submitted by Gary Knell
Gary wrote, "I am hoping you get this and can post on your site to see if anyone who reads French may be able to add
to knowledge on this piece. What I know:  Note comes from my wife's cousin who got it from his first cousin once
removed.  She was born ca. 1923 in Chicago and would probably have been about 17-19 around start WW2 in France
when note was issued. (France #84; 2.2.39 - 5.3.42). It is possible that she could have been in France that period as she
traveled throughout Europe but more likely she got the note later as she was a collector with broad interests.
Good luck with your project and thanks for the opportunity to educate myself."
BACK SIGNATURE: Glenn Miller - (Major) Glenn Miller disappeared in 1944 over the English Channel enroute to Paris to
entertain the troops. One theory is that he could have been accidentally killed by allied aircraft jettisoning bomb loads.
            UNDECIPHERABLE                   UNDECIPHERABLE                                         "Best Always" Ernest Hemingway
                                                                                                                                                                              Irene Menini