Short Snorter Signed by Famous War Correspondent Ernie Pyle
The Short Snorter Project
United States one dollar Silver Certificate HAWAII overprint, Series 1935 A, S/N# S42350176C.  Accent On Coins.
This short snorter is fifteen notes long consisting mostly of unsigned Japanese occupation notes from one centavo up
to one hundred pesos. Only two notes are signed, including this one, the HAWAII overprint note (made in case the
Territory of Hawaii was invaded by the Japanese during WWII at which time the notes would have been devalued).
It is signed on the front by
Ernie Pyle, famous WWII war correspondent, who was killed in action on April 18, 1945.

"JANUARY 14, 1945 (GUAM)"
"K.M.Y" ... (top margin)


R. J. Brown

L. A. Wilcox

Ronald E. Plotz

Erik E. West

G. F. Schwab

J. H. Lew

Ernie Pyle

Tom Cataldo

NI (Butler) Goodaer

(No reverse signatures...)
Photograph of Ernie Pyle signing his name on top of a
soldiers head. (Sure hope it is a short snorter!)
(Courtesy of Indiana University School of Journalism)

Chesterfield cigarette ad starring Ernie Pyle.               
<<< (Note the style in which he signed his name)          
Ernie Pyle wrote about short snorters in his book Brave Men...

"Whenever a flier was fished out of the North Sea or the Channel, the RAF
rescuers gave him a little felt insigne about an inch high, in the form of a half
wing -- showing a fish skipping over the water. This was a membership badge in
the 'Goldfish Club.' It was sewn under the lapel, and displayed when occasion
demanded. It wasn't worn outwardly because, I presume, we didn't want German
agents to know how many guys had been fished out of the water.

The boys had another memento of their salt-water bath. They all had
bills. But they had started a new series of signatures on bills which they
called '
Dinghy Snorters.' Only fliers who had had to ditch were allowed to sign
those bills. They flattered me by asking me to sign, and said mine would be the
only non-Goldfish signature permitted on their bills."