Chinese banknote signed by FIVE GENERALS submitted by Doug Swisher with background information about this note,
specifically, that Mukden, Manchuria is the common thread. Identified signatures from top to bottom:

A. C. Tisdelle, Capt., USA (Achilles C. Tisdelle; as Major, aide to General Edward King, Commander on Bataan).
Would be useful to know Tisdelle’s date of promotion.

2.  (Gen.) Paul W. Scheidecker, died May 16, 1964; as MG, commander of AFAFC. NOTE:  In July 1945, he was assigned
to HQ AAF, China Theater, Chungking, China, which is where Wainwright and other senior officers were flown after
their release from Mukden.  My theory is that this bill was signed in Chungking just before the former POW’s departed
the Asian theater.

3.  Thomas Dooley; as Major, aide to General Wainwright at fall of Bataan. Imprisoned with Wainwright at Mukden

4.  (Maj.) Burton S. Brown, aide to Maj. Gen. George Moore of Corregidor; imprisoned with Wainwright at Mukden.

5.  (Gen.)
A. M. Jones (Albert Monmouth Jones; at head of Bataan Death March with General Wainwright).  Imprisoned
with Wainwright at Mukden (Hsien).

6.  (Lt. Col.)
F. G. Brink, U.S. Military Observer, Singapore (in April 1941)

7.  (Gen.) William E. Brougher (present at fall of Bataan).  Imprisoned with Wainwright at Mukden.  He inscribed the bill:
Met you in Manila / Met you in ? / Met you again (?) in Chungking (?) / Good luck ?”

8.  UNKNOWN GENERAL (in bottom margin) ??  “--. --. -----------------,
Brig. Gen. USA”. My first thought was Lt. Gen. A. B.
Buckner, who commanded the assault on Okinawa in April 1945 along with Adm. Spruance – but the rank is wrong,
even though the first two initials on the bill “appear” to be A. B., which is how Buckner customarily signed.

9.  (in right margin) (Brig. Gen.)
Maxon S. Lough (US Commander of the Filipino 21st and 41st Divisions, and 57th
Infantry).  Imprisoned with Wainwright at Mukden.
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A. C. Tisdelle, Capt., USA

Paul W. Scheidecker

Thomas Dooley

Maxon S. Lough (margin)

Burton S. Brown

A. M. Jones

F. G. Brink

       (A POEM)
"Aug ?, 1945"

Met you in Manila,"

"Met you in ? ? a buck,

"Met you again in

"Good luck"

William E. Brougher

Brg. Gen'l USA

Brig. Gen. USA