Florice "Folly" Langley was born in Alabama. When she was young she went to
New York trying to break into theatre as a singer. She earned a college degree
and worked during the depression for the
Works Progress Administration (WPA).  
At the outbreak of WWII, she attempted to enlist in the United States military but
at forty-something she was "too old" to be accepted. Leveraging her experience
in the WPA, she volunteered and served with the
American Red Cross (ARC).
Florice "Folly" Langley Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Folly's great niece, Ann Boyd, writes, "Folly was a wonderful person. She never married but she loved the company of
men and was quite a flirt! She definitely saw herself as part of the camaraderie of the troops. She traveled with the Red
Cross extensively in India and Australia, never losing her love for those countries, their politics, and their culture."
"After WWII,  Folly earned her Masters in Social Work from Tulane and went on to help many people. It is difficult to
imagine the unity and integrity that existed at the time of the greatest generation. Thank you for your work to preserve
their history. I hope future generations can learn from them, although we could never aspire to be as good as they were."
Folly Langley was proud of the fact that she was invited by His Excellency the Governor to dine with
Eleanor Roosevelt when the First Lady visited Australia on her goodwill trip to the South Pacific in 1943.
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Red Cross volunteer Eleanor Roosevelt signing a short snorter in New Zealand during
her 1943 goodwill tour to the South Pacific.  Note the Red Cross uniform.
(Photo courtesy of
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library - Special thanks to Photo Archivist Mark Renovitch.)
Folly Langley Short Snorter Note #6: India Ten Rupees Serial # B/49 500233
Signed by actress and pinup Jinx Falkenburg, Jimmie Dodd (Mickey Mouse Club), Ruth Carrell, Pat O'Brien, et al.
Rare unpublished photograph of model, actress, and WWII pinup girl Jinx Falkenburg signing a short snorter in the
midst of a group of happy US Army Tech Sergeants.   (Photo courtesy of Ann Boyd from the Florice Langley estate.)
American Red Cross Overseas Service Certificate awarded to Florice Langley and signed by President Harry Truman.