George J. Grimm Short Snorter Note #1
The Short Snorter Project
George J. Grimm Short Snorter Note #1: U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # R35421483B.
This note was presented to George Grimm by his first flight instructor, Art J. Bell, of Galvin Flying Service (Boeing Field,
Seattle, WA). It was in recognition of George's first solo flight on November 7, 1941, in a "Piper Cub" Model J3F. There are
also signatures on the front of fellow student pilots where were his friends in the flying club "Falcon Flyers". Others are
flight instructors from Naval Air Station Pasco (WA). On the back are fellow pilots from Naval Air Transport Squadron
VR-2 and passengers aboard the Consolidated PB2Y Coronado being flown from NAS Alameda (CA) to the South Pacific.