George B. Underwood Short Snorter & "Nifty-Fifty" Note
The Short Snorter Project
George B. Underwood became a member of the Short Snorter Club while crossing the Equator in 1943. "The Air
Transport Command (ATC) collected a dollar bill from each of us while signing us up on this bill for membership. We
were told that when asked to produce this short snorter bill and we failed to do so we had to buy drinks for all present.
When meeting for the first time you not only challenged but would also sign each other's dollar bill." - G. Underwood
George B. Underwood Short Snorter: U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # I40071171C
George Underwood: 'Short Snorter' Membership - 1943
Photograph of George Underwood and B-25 bomber crew (from left to right):
Lt. Heller, Pilot, NY; Lt. Vosburgh, Co-Pilot, NY;  Sgt. H.W. Smith, Cannoneer,
CT.; S/Sgt. J.A. Heaney, Radio/Waist Gunner, NY; S/Sgt. H. W. Campbell, Tail
Gunner, OH;   S/Sgt. George Underwood, Armorer/Top Turret Gunner, CA.
George B. Underwood "Nifty - Fifty" Note: Algeria 50 Francs - Series 26-3-1941 - Serial # F.618 114 15430114
George Underwood also sent in something that the webmaster has never heard of...
George wrote, "Something I wonder if you know about....The Nifty-Fifty Club?  I have the feeling that it is something that
is exclusively our Group, Squadron or Flight's concept since I have not heard or seen anything like it....have you in your
research found similar items?  Rules were loose and, as I remember them, only those who had flown 50 or more
missions got to sign up on a 50 denomination note, any country but preferably the one you were in, to qualify.  That's it."
S/Sgt. George B. "Woody" Underwood, B-25 Armorer and Top Turret Gunner, works on his B-25J top turret gun on the
Island of Corsica, Italy. He flew 68 combat missions in the European Theatre of Operations with the
12th Air Force, 57th Bomb Wing, 310th Bomb Group, 381st Bomb Squadron.