Howard M. Hougan Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Howard Martin Hougan served in the Army Air Corps during World War 2 and rose to the rank of Major before retiring.
November 1944 B-24 Transition training was at Buckingham AFB, Ft. Myers, FL, Charleston AFB, Charleston, SC,
Westover Field AFB, Boston, MA, Boise AFB, Boise, ID, and Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA. His second tour overseas
began January 1945 and lasted until V-J Day, August 1945. He served with the 13th Air Force, Halmahera Islands, and at
Clark Field, Phillippines. Howard M. Hougan continued in his service to our country with 30 years of Air Force Reserves.

Click here to see a video of Howard M. Hougan's short snorter posted recently by his grandson, Jeremy Butterfield...

Jeremy Butterfield, the grandson of Howard M. Hougan, found this web site while Google searching for an answer to
why his grandfather taped foreign currency together and had his fellow airmen sign it! He now has Major Hougan's 40+
descendants very fascinated! He wrote, "Greetings... I discovered a tin of my recently deceased grandfather's military
paraphernalia a month ago and just today learned about the fascinating short snorter history! I recognize that his
mid-40's string of signed foreign currency is a far offshoot of what the tradition began as...but is probably a common
example of the tradition's evolution through the decades. Nevertheless, I thought you might find this video I just posted
interesting as it's a collection of images primarily of the short snorter he collected. Thank you for helping to preserve
the memory of these brave men and women who risked, and often lost, their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.
Pilot Howard M. Hougan, USAAC
Howard M. Hougan - Air Cadet
Crew Photo with Howard M. Hougan
Cyrus Delano (Denver), and Paul E. Bell (New York). Could they be some of the men pictured here in this
picture taken in the Pacific Theatre of Operations? If you recognize anybody please drop me a line!