Virtual Museum                           Banknote: India 1 anna POW issue - Posted: 4.21.08
The Short Snorter Project
Banknote: India 1 anna POW issue - Submitted by: Anil Bohora - IBNS LM#199
My name is Anil Bohora. I am from India. I got your information from the article I read in the Bank Note Reporter, March
2008 issue. I am a serious banknote collector and a life member of IBNS. I have a few short snorters in my collections.
But I am very interested to find out more about the following one: It is a 1 Anna POW coupon from WWII POW camp at
Bhopal, India during the time of British Rule. On the back of it, there are some markings with pencil. There is a date of
21.10.1942 (may be a date of capture or release) and from what I can read a name/signature of "Beccafimi Ballista"
I have bought this note from a person living in France and do not know anything beyond that. Also, what I know is that
during the WWII several POW camps were set up in India for German, Italian and Japanese POWs. Hope this
information helps. Please let me know if you can find out anything more. If you think right, please add it to your virtual
musuem. Thank you for all your help.