James C. Haislip, Jr., Short Snorter
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James C. Haislip Jr. enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on July 11, 1942. He was a Staff Sergeant and flew as a
Gunner in a
Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bomber during the Solomon Islands and the Bismarck Archipelago battles.
Photograph of VMTB-143 Devil Dog Avengers. James Haislip is sitting on the wing all the way to the right in the photo.
Printed text on the back: "Marine Aircraft Group-11 - 1st Marine Aircraft Wing - Fleet Marine Force"
Staff Sergeant James C. Haislip Jr.
received a Letter of Commendation
from  Commander-In-Chief of the
Pacific Fleet, Admiral Chester W.
Nimitz, in 1944. His citation read:
"For meritorious and efficient
performance of duty as an aerial
gunner attached to a Marine torpedo
bombing squadron operating in the
Solomon Islands and Bismarck
Archipelago areas from July 20, 1943
to March 2, 1944. During three tours
of duty Staff Sergeant Haislip
participated in 31 bombing and
strafing attacks against Japanese
installations, frequently being
subjected to intense anti-aircraft fire
and heavy fighter plane opposition.
His courage and accurate
marksmanship contributed materially
to the defense of the plane on all
missions and were in keeping with
the highest traditions of the Naval
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Photograph of USMC VMTB-143 Devil Dog Avengers
Photo of Staff Sergeant James C. Haislip Receiving a Commendation
Commendation Letter to James Haislip from Admiral Chester W. Nimitz