John ("Jack") L. Hamels Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Sergeant John “Jack” Lyndon Hamels of Buffalo , NY, served with the U.S. Army Air Corps, 328th Fighter Control
Squadron, 64th Fighter Wing, in Central Europe from December 1942 to October 1945. His son, Dr. John P. Hamels, sent
in his short snorter below and writes,
"I read with great interest the article in Coin World not too long ago. My Dad, John
“Jack” Hamels, gave me his short snorter a number of years ago for safe keeping. I called him as soon as I read your
article and asked him if he would like his snorter as part of your virtual collection. He said yes faster than I could write it!
So, I have enclosed two scans of his short snorter, Dad’s info below and I will give you the names as we could identify
them. Dad tells me that his buddies all signed his snorter while on a liberty ship. Their area of action was in Western/
Central Europe . He was a radio operator in a mobile radio unit. Thanks for posting this data. I’m sure Dad and his
buddies will enjoy a little trip down memory lane! 12209736 was my Dad’s dog tag number. They all signed on December
20 , 1943."

JLH (in border)

E J Nichols

C D Hall

Stuart W. House

Howard ?. Allen

Joseph Liska

E. Rothewell

A. Wenzloff

E. Rothewell

John Elwood

Henry Elwood [they were twins]

Joe Pullasky

C W  Ma???

Dominick P???

Calvin Housley



Vincent Trivalli

Ernest E Monroe

J. A. Brainyard
Sergeant John “Jack” Lyndon Hamels