Kenneth Sparks Short Snorter - Note #2
The Short Snorter Project
Kenneth Sparks Short Snorter Note #2: Portugal 20 escudos - Serial # BQ 04307
This note was acquired in May of 1945 during a stopover at the Azores where the Portuguese leased bases to the Brits.
Signed by Casmir S. Skrocki (left) and George W. ("Homer") Cathey (right).
3 war buddies having a meal.
105mm flak burst is white. 88mm flak burst is black.
Hand-painted 547th Bomb Squad leather unit patch.
"BOMBS AWAY!"           The 384th Bomb Group unloads during a bombing mission.
Kenneth Sparks' hand written log of missions from February 9th to April 25th, 1945.
The total time of the mission was also noted (Pilsen was 11 hours and 15 minutes!).