Kenneth Sparks Short Snorter - Note #3
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Kenneth Sparks Short Snorter Note #3: Canada 1 dollar S/N# E1072226
Origination of this note is unknown but it is signed by many of his fellow crew members.
John  H. Roy
Johnny Drew
Howard E. Shields
Ken Weist
Alfred Smith
Jim Altgelt
Bert Sievers - Kenneth Sparks
David Duncan - Ball Turret Gunner
Kenneth Sparks doesn't talk
much about the war but he did
tell me a few stories during my

1. "While flying as Navigator,
the Tail Gunner reported over
the intercom that there was an
aluminum color
Me-262 jet
coming up on the right side.
I manned the 50 caliber and
squeezed off one burst (about
7 rounds). I missed and It flew
straight ahead up between two
P-51s that belly-rolled away and
it was gone."

2. "My first mission was flying
as a relief Navigator with the
crew of the
Star Dust, who had
just returned to duty after "the
longest mission of WWII". They
were "flak happy" and did a lot
of yelling about planes flying
too close when the formation
was tightening up. That was
only mission with them."

3. "We had heard a rumor that
the Germans had locked the
workers inside of the
Armament Works  prior to our
bombing raid on 25 April 1925.
I felt real bad about that."
(Web master's note: That rumor
was not true. Loss of Czech
National life was relatively small
during the Skoda Arms raid!)
4. "John H. Roy was our Radio Operator. I
saved his life one time. His oxygen mask had
froze up and he passed out. While doing my  
radio checks he did not answer me. I rushed
back to where he was and got him back on
oxygen. At our reunion he cried a lot."  :-)

5. "One time we dropped incendiary bombs.
It was cloudy and I could see the bombs from
the group up front exploding. It looked like
fireflies down below."
Kenneth with the love of his life Margie (left) and her sister, "U. V.".