Banknote: Netherlands 10 gulden (1943) - Submitted by: James P. Nunan, ANA member R142744.
"I read your article in
Bank Note Reporter, and started searching for one I had put away. It's a 10 gulden Netherland
1943 note, signatures look primarily from an army medical group , with other battalion and division group signatures.
As a veteran I just think it's interesting how servicemen and woman find historical ways to record where we went in the
world , and years later those simple acts become historical , even in the numismatic community. I served aboard the
USS Enterprise CVN 65 from 1976 to 1979." (Thanks Jim to you and all the other veterans who served with pride!!! TS)
Virtual Museum                             Banknote: Netherlands 10 gulden - Posted: 3.24.08
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