Banknote: Netherlands 1 gulden (1943) - Submitted by: Brian Healy
"I saw your website and it looked real interesting. I have this Netherlands 1945 1 Guilder note signed by several Dutch
women. I do not know if it would qualify for your website because the signatures are from women, but here it is.
Feel free to use the image and text in this email. The note is dated July 12, 1945, Heerlien, Holland. Heerlien is probably
Heerlen. Some details and names are below. I must have acquired it in the mid 1960's when I was visiting coin dealers
in Northern California as a teenage coin collector. Both of my parents were in the service during WW2 but neither
served outside the United States, so I am pretty sure that the note has nothing to do with them."
Virtual Museum                               Banknote: Netherlands 1 gulden - Posted: 8.15.08
The Short Snorter Project
Mary Aardly, Dinfran d. Aarnsen.

BACK SIGNATURES: Lewi Haevelaken, Suzanne (upside down), Mary Aardey, Marie-Louise Glennen