Virtual Museum                      New Caledonia Short Snorter                    Posted 1.3.11
The Short Snorter Project
New Caledonia 5 Francs - Serial Number U.82  121. Submitted by Jean-Claude Estival of Nouméa, New Caledonia, who is
currently writing a history of currency in New Caledonia. Appears to have been signed by a whole bunch of Hollywood
Movie Stars. He writes, "I sent you a couple of short snorters from New Caledonia in 2009. I just had the chance today to
find another one on a 1936 type 5 francs note which bears some spectacular signatures : Katherine Hepburn, Spencer
Tracy, Gary Grant, Jane Wyatt, Kay Francis, Joan Blondell, Randy Scott, Esther Williams, Frances Rafferty, Kay Williams,
Noreen Nash, Gail Patrick, and a few others which I need help to decipher. I wonder if all those great artists came to visit
Noumea or if the owner visited them in the U.S. bearing a souvenir note in hand. I checked most of signatures with
autographed photos on Goggle images and I am pretty sure they are real ones. I really had a great time with this short