Banknote: New Zealand 10 shillings - Submitted by: Tom Sparks. Purchased through an eBay auction.
Signed by a collection of about 15 "Yanks" complete with locations stateside.
Oddball signature on the front by Royal Australian Engineer "Sam Hibler, A.I.C., 2nd Forestry Co., RAE, Australia".
Virtual Museum                       Banknote: New Zealand 10 shillings - Posted: 01.29.08
The Short Snorter Project

Dan Shultz  ATS  PA

Bud Kane  Conn

A. J. Prevelige,  NY

Sam Hibler  A.I.C., 2nd Forestry Cy, RAE, Australia

B. O. Lanyon  PA

R. A. Griglio  Miami, FL

John G. McDonald  N.Y.C.


Sam Outlaw
 Murrels Inlet, S.C.

Francis A. Tuthill, Jr.  Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

Bill Jhackes  Master At Arms

Douglas O. Cousins  Tarrytown, N.Y.

Peter J. Markos  A.T.S.  Gloucester, Mass.

Robert J. Horowitz  Port Washington, N.Y.

William E. Ashley  Little Rock, Ark.

F. L.  Conn.