Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom - USO/David Cook - Short Snorters
The Short Snorter Project
Ricky Lobo, a retired U.S. Army veteran, sent in the following short snorters and corresponding information. Ricky writes,
"The history behind these notes is that the first three notes listed were sent to me from former soldiers who I trained
prior to their deployments, while the other three notes were acquired by my wife who is currently a soldier and was
deployed to Iraq from 2008-2009... And yes, she was able to see David Cook perform live and get his signature for me....
I am also continuously building up my own collection of short snorters (I currently own 19 assorted notes not including
the 6 listed above)...."
82nd Airborne Division - 8 signatures (male and female) with unit information on the obverse. This was sent to me by a
former female soldier in Afghanistan who I trained prior to her deployment (SPC Lisa Ortiz).
12th Chemical Company - 12 signatures (male and female) with location information in Iraq on the obverse. There is a
quote on the back of the note. This was sent to me by a former soldier who I trained prior to his deployment (SGT William
Long). I also happened to train a female soldier who also signed the note (PFC Freeman).
464th Medical Company - 25 assorted signatures with unit information, location and dates on the obverse and 22
signatures on the reverse. Many names have ranks and hometowns or bases listed. This note was acquired by my wife,
CPT Karen Gonzalez, who was a dentist in Iraq and she had visitors to her clinic sign the note for me.
David Cook USO Tour Dollar - 3 signatures and quotations on obverse - one soldier noted President Obama's
Inauguration day. American Idol season 7 Winner David Cook signed the back with a quotation of his own. My wife was
able to go see David Cook perform for US service members at her base in Iraq as part of the USO Tour and meet him,
take pictures and get his autograph. Since I have no certificate of authenticity, I have included David Cook's
autographed USO Card that my wife also got from him.
Iraqi Dinar - 1 female soldier's signature on an Iraqi 50 Dinars note. Her name is SGT Amber Yazzie and she was also a
former soldier of mine who I trained prior to her deployment. What is unique about her note is that she acquired it when
she went on her first deployment and held onto it through her next two deployments and she listed dates and information
of each of her three deployments on this one note.
OIF 20 Dollars - 9 assorted signatures on the obverse and a quotation on the reverse. This note was acquired by my wife
again a few days prior to her redeployment back to Germany (where we were stationed at the time).