Paris 1944 - USO Group Signed Short Snorter
France Fifty Francs Note - Series 3-31-1938 - Serial # 591-U.7985-199619591  -  Submitted by Charles Ambrass on June
27, 2009.
Charles wrote, "Hey there...been meaning to do this since last month's issue of THE NUMISMATIST (May 2009). I got this
note at the Chicago Money Expo 5-7 years ago. Here's the skinny.... Across the ladies hair, going from 9 o'clock towards
noon, is the name Anthony Caputo. Beneath that, starting at the "y" of Anthony, begins the signature of Fred Astaire.Next,
dead center of note, is the French word "LE". The 2nd signature below that is Mickey Rooney. And the icing on the cake,
in the lower left, across the ladies' chest is the name Benjamin Baron. Underneath that, going from 9 o'clock to 4 o'clock,
and it starts a little to the left, is General Omar P. Bradley. Several dates coincide with USO shows. I was able to get a
little info from the USO, but not much."
The Short Snorter Project