The Paul McIlvaine Collection - Non-Currency Short Snorters
The Short Snorter Project
Non-currency short snorters are usually printed to commemorate an event, document a milestone achievement, or
celebrate some other occurrence. This is another fine example of a unit that printed its own short snorter during World
War II.  The 458th Bomb Group, Second Air Division, Eighth Air Force, flew B-24 Liberators and was based at Horsham St
Faith in England.  Between February 1944 and April 1945, they flew a total of 240 Missions – the bulk of which were over
Germany (162 total) and France (70 total). Under the Command of Colonel James H. Isbell, the 458th Bomb Group printed
this short snorter to commemorate the achievement of their 200th mission over the skies of Europe.  The 200th Mission
of the Bomb Group consisted of 28 Aircraft who targeted the Marshalling Yards at Osnabruck, Germany on 9 March 1945.
This short snorter is unusual in that it is a “virgin” short snorter devoid of any signatures.  It is also unusual in that its
condition is almost uncirculated.
458th Bomb Group B-24 Liberator aircraft formation [courtesy of George Reynolds] from website
B-24 Liberator aircraft #678 just before touchdown. This aircraft was lost on March 22, 1944.
458th Bomb Group photo [courtesy of George Reynolds]
from website