The Paul McIlvaine Collection - Vietnam War Short Snorters - U. S. Currency
The Short Snorter Project
Smith - Dillon,    Serial # A64087143A - VIETNAM WAR SHORT SNORTER
This note was originally owned by a woman who said that the short snorter was signed by all the members of her son’s
unit while in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. A (now) unverifiable story – passed from one owner to another – is that the
entire unit was wiped out by the Viet Cong while on a mission.  I have been able to verify only one of the signers – Danny
Tucker, USMC PFC F-2 - who was killed March 23, 1968, in Quang Nam, South Vietnam.  Hence, this story appears to be
exaggerated but the note is most likely circa 1968 or before. Note the greater variation in penmanship of the signers –
when contrasted with many of the World War II short snorters.   With the advent of Text Messaging and Computers [and
the necessity to teach Computer Keyboarding], penmanship is no longer emphasized to the same degree as in the past
and has resulted significant cursive variations (not intended as a criticism; rather, an observation verifying the
authenticity of the note). Vietnam era short snorters are very rare!
Eighteen signatures on the obverse as follows:
           Ray Dahl     Mliky ?                                                 Charlie Jones                         Edward J. Farrell
                                Vernon Tevasseur
                 HVY ?       Bay Smacke?      Reynaldo Valenzuela          Paul D/Quonty             Jeff Eddy           Dave Stamm
            Richard Dennistown                                                                                  JimJeh ?             MaTimes sp?
(plus 4 additional unintelligible signatures)
Twelve signatures on the reverse are as follows:
Danny Tucker,   Mike Gengo,    Oriental Characters followed by Z ? Mama Son,    Johnny Galle sp? El Paso,   Jerry Run?,
    Stiles F. Dillino sp,    Jim Fehr,   Wm S Fanier sp?,   (plus 4 additional unintelligible signatures)