The Paul McIlvaine Collection - Vietnam War Short Snorters - Vietcong
The Short Snorter Project
Serial # QO 148776
This is a 10 Dong Vietnam issue, printed in China, for use in South Vietnam by the Vietcong.  It was never issued and sat
in a bunker in Cambodia waiting an appropriate moment. This bunker was a huge bunker, filled with ammunition and
supplies.  The Vietcong & North Vietnamese used the adjacent areas for rest and recreation. By June of 1970, United
States and Vietnamese troops had crossed the border west of Saigon [in the Parrots Beak Area – over the Ho Chi Minh
trail] and entered Cambodia. The inscriber of this note apparently entered Cambodia on June 19, 1970. He assisted in
capturing the bunker and liberated several cases of these notes – all of which were less than 50 Dong. The note is in
excellent condition, as would be expected of a note that had never been issued.
The translation of the language on the reverse of the note in red ink is as follows:
The day we went into Cambodia  June 19, 1970
Date on the note accurately reflects the Cambodian campaign (AKA - Cambodian Incursion), which was a number of
military operations into eastern Cambodia in the Spring/Summer of 1970 by U.S. and South Vietnamese troops
during the Vietnam Conflict. Thirteen major operations were conducted between 1 May and 30 June 1970.
President Richard M. Nixon prepares to board Marine 1, the Presidential Helicopter from Marine Helicopter
Squadron (HMX) 1. The President ordered the accelerated redeployment of U.S. forces from Vietnam
simultaneously with the incursion into Cambodia. Department of Defense Photo (USMC) A419542