The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - U. S. Currency
The Short Snorter Project
Speelman – White,    Serial # B49244892D
It is very rare to find any large note (such as the 1923 $1 Silver Certificate) that was used as a World War II short
snorter. Several signatures on this snorter are followed by either M.D. (Medical Doctor), M.C. (Medical Corps), or A.C.
(Ambulance Corps).  An educated guess puts the owner as the individual who typed their name and home town on the
reverse - "Loretto A. Connors   W. Roxbury".
Eight signatures on the obverse as follows:   N. J. Dyet,   Sgt. Bill Williams   Wash. D. C.,   Cpl. Walter Rom,
Enils Baillargeon    Mithessen, Mass. (sp?),   Lt. Hubeechkie   APO 731,   Evrett W. Banders,   Lt. Clyde H. Woodege,
Anne T. Byret
The reverse clearly shows where the note was folded into vertical quarters and, most likely, carried in the wallet of a
serviceman (in accordance with short snorter tradition). Ten signatures adorn the reverse as follows:   F. R. Lorrain,
John D. Fox,   Robert N. Cain, M.D.,   Charlse F. Ziga,   Robert L. Dumais,   Loretto A. Connors   W. Roxbury, (typed)
(Undecipherable),   Edwin J. Hutchinson 1st Lt. A.C.,   John D. Cooley, 1st Lt., M.C.  Aslichn, Germany,   W. S. Bader.