The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - U. S. Currency
The Short Snorter Project
Serial # A03036201C - "D-Day Short Snorter"
This is an extremely well-circulated short snorter that appears to have been detached from a larger roll of short
snorters, since cellophane tape remnants adorn both ends of the bill. There are two dates on the reverse of the bill –
15 March 1944 and 26 May 1944 (appearing twice).  Together with the dedication on the reverse, "An American Dollar to
an English Doll”, it places the short snorter and signers in England just before the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944.
Fifteen signatures on the obverse include:   Gus C. Page,   Donald M. Miller,   Ray Allech,   C. Jennings,   Hawls H, Chim,   
Roy Basso,   Freddie Wost,   John Wahassrich,   "You really are teriffic:" Tony Magdes,   John Salgey,
Harris Erikson “Sweede”,   Lewis,   J T Oweah,   Johnnie R. Hewett,   "To the thciarofalton? yet to come"   Chancco
Darwnee Janus
Fourteen inscriptions and signatures on the reverse include:
            "An American Dollar to an English Doll" - - Miriam.
                                                                                  David J. Wright   15 Mar 44
                                                                                 M. D. Fox
                                                                     (inverted) Ro B Fawex   26 May 44
                                                            Carlton Thompson
                                                         Edward P. Robinson
                                                                                                                                                                                          Don Duhlurson
                                                                                                                                                                                   Knight Forsyth Fa
                                                            D F Hinkley                             Frank Sully                                Bill Lorry
Edwin Beever  26 May 44
Jansesftin .. unintelligible
                                   Joe Louis
Allied aircraft preparing for the airborne component of the D-Day invasion.
American soldiers landing on the coast of France on D-Day.
Troops unloading from a Higgins landing craft.