The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - Australia
The Short Snorter Project
Serial Number: F/16 841473  -  "ABORIGINAL CARTOON"
This is a very well-preserved 10 Shillings short snorter note issued by the Commonwealth of Australia. It is in excellent
condition for an authentic WWII Short Snorter. The obverse is quite unique with a caricature of a native character by
Geo J. Huber.  An educated guess would put him as the owner of the short snorter, as he also signed his name on the
reverse.  He appears to have been an artist or an amateur doodler.  Note that the native character would be a very
politically incorrect (if not racially offensive) depiction today, but was apparently more tolerable in the 1940’s.

LeRoy W. Abramson
C. Walenski
Geo. J. Huber

John B. Cagl

Irwin L. Filz

Jesse R. Rogers
John T. Tarbuckwich
Robert Bryan

Louis Stueck

M. Faggettce

Norb. Van De Hey

Arthur R. Dorn

Eugene F. Weiss

Ira Wilson

Pete Econoneu

Harland Nelson

Carl J. Aaerg

Adam Jurgella (Note that the
Jurgella name can be traced to
Stevens Point, Wisconsin)