The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - China
The Short Snorter Project
Series 1936 - Serial Number K/X 920209
1 Yuan Chinese note in beautiful condition acquired by a coin dealer while on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the
Fall of 2008. The only autograph on this WWII snorter is on the reverse of “S/Sgt. Ralph Kidani”.
Kidani, Ralph Tokutaru M., was a Military Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army [U.S. Army Serial No. 30106540, per the
“Military Intelligence Service Language School Registry, 1941-46] and a member of an elite corps knows as the “YANKEE
SAMURAI”, who were “Nisei” (2nd generation Japanese-Americans***) transformed into a vital WWII secret weapon for
the U.S. in the Pacific Theatre. Typical duties of the “Yankee Samurai” were translation, radio monitoring, and
psychological warfare.  We owe our freedom to these melting-pot heroic Americans, who aided the U.S. war effort
versus their own ancestral kinsmen.  At the end of the war a G.I. told a reporter, “Only God knows how many of us are
alive today because we had these marvelous guys with us.” Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s Chief of Intelligence declared of
their service, “from an intelligence point of view [the Nisei] represented the greatest single contribution to the Pacific
war... Were it not for [them] the war would have lasted at least two years longer.”  

For more info on Kidani and the  “Yankee Samurai”, see the book:
Yankee Samurai – Secret Role of Nisei in American’s Pacific Victory, by Joseph D. Harrington, 1979, Harlo Press.

***Nisei  is a Japanese language term used to identify children born to Japanese people living in a new country.  These
children are considered second generation, while their own children (third generation) are called Sansei.