The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - Fiji
The Short Snorter Project
Series: 1st JULY, 1940 - Serial Number: B/2 55,148
This is a very well worn 10 shilling note issued by the Government of Fiji.  It was originally part of a roll of short snorters
as evidenced by the remnants of cellophane tape at both ends of the note. The Portrait of King George VI adorns the right
hand side of the obverse.  The note was issued on 1st July 1940. Signatures of the Commissioners of Currency on the
bill are as follows:  Robertson, Hayward and Auckland. When the United States was attacked by Japan on December 7,
1941, Fiji became part of the line of communications and supply to New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.  The
capture of New Caledonia, Fiji, and/or Samoa would cut these lines of communication and prevent any counter-offensive
by the US through Australia. Until America’s entry into World War II, New Zealand had been defending Fiji. In 1942, about
40,000 American forces took over responsibility for Fijian defense.
FRONT SIGNATURES:   Inscription in the circle on the obverse reads:  "Crossed Equator  2045 GCT"
                     Lt. Q A Welch;   Pierre F. Herrd  2nd Lt   (sp?);   Third very faint signature:  Lt. H. Whley   (sp?)