The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - Greece
The Short Snorter Project
Series 1st October 1941 - Serial Number 154631  KO
After the second invasion of Greece in April of 1941, the Axis occupation (consisting of German, Italian, and Bulgarian
troops) lasted until the German withdrawal from the mainland in October 1944. In some cases, such as Crete and other
islands, German garrisons remained in control until June of 1945. The occupation brought about terrible hardships for
Greek civilians. Over 300,000 died from starvation. Thousands more died through reprisals. The Greek resistance was
one of the most effective in Occupied Europe. However, by late 1943, Resistance fighters were squabbling among
themselves.  When liberation came in October 1944, Greece was in a crisis, which soon became civil war.
FRONT SIGNATURES:                                                    Edward A. Linde                   Don Whitcomb