The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - India
The Short Snorter Project
One Rupee Government of India Note  
Series 1935 - Serial Number 16A 310109
This is a One Rupee note issued by the Government of India with 1935 on the reverse.  It has the remnants of cellophane
tape on the edges and must have been detached from a roll of short snorters. The provinces of India included most of
modern-day India plus parts of Bangladesh and Pakistan. As a colony of Great Britain it was part of the Allies in World
War II.  At the outbreak of the war, the Indian Army numbered about 200,000 men and rose to over 2.5 million. India
provided many men to combat the threat of Facism and Nazism.  Indian forces included tank, artillery, and airborne
forces.  Indian soldiers earned 30 Victoria Crosses during World War II.

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