The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - Japan
The Short Snorter Project
Serial Number: 138095 - "LST-1069 Short Snorter"
There was a “Group of Nine” associated with T-LST-1069 USNS Orleans Parish which sailed from Guam (departing on
May 1, 1946) to San Francisco (arriving May 29, 1946).
"GUAM To FRISCO BY LST 1069 5/1/46 to 5/29/46"
"One of the Nine!" – John A. Kirk
Jack Engstrom "(another)"                                        "Nothing under 13"   Harry Freyman
                                               Fred C. Holmes                                                      Darrell Davis – "another of the 9"
LST-1069 came late into the war, being launched on 7 March 1945.  She was decommissioned on 6 August 1946 –
several months after this short snorter was created.  She was subsequently recommissioned and decommissioned
several times, converted to a mine squadron flagship and logistic support vessel, renamed USS Orleans Parish (MCS-6),
and eventually sold to the Republic of the Philippines in 1976.