The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - Korea
The Short Snorter Project
Early – Mid 1940’s Issue     No Serial Number, other than {11A}
This is a very rare short snorter.  The yuan, in the Chinese language, is the base unit of modern Chinese currency.
The same character is used to refer to the cognate currency units of China, Japan, and Korea.  English transliterations
include yuan, won and yen.  PMG currency certifications refer to these notes as 100 yen/won.
This bill carries 13 signatures and inscriptions on the obverse:   Victor G. Roden  (U.S.A.H.S. Shipmate!),   Bob Steen,   
Joseph S. McNulty, Jr.,   William L. Kessler,   Bill Nunn,   Roy Deaver,   Melvin Benson  6 Div.,   Emmett L. Hodges  A/B,   
Anne Banganan  (sp?),   C. G. Horhey,   George N. Bune. Lt, Navy.,   Charles Griffith,   Francis W. Langford  Savannah, Ga.
5 Additional Signatures & Inscriptions are on the reverse:   Ray G. David,   Richard G. Allman  Route 1  Albany, Mich.,   
Eelyan R. Hyel  “Ed”  228.,   Lou Bark  6 AF  (sp?),   Robert Scott  TQMd
Korea had been an occupied province of Japan since 1910. In reality Japan had controlled the government since 1905.
The Korean Army was disbanded and the Korean language and culture were outlawed.  
1939 Map of Korea and Surrounding Countries Occupied by Japan (courtesy Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)