The Paul McIlvaine Collection - WWII Short Snorters - New Hebrides
The Short Snorter Project
Serial Number: 04174
This is a very well-worn World War II 5 Francs Emergency Issue note circulated during the reign of Robert C. H. Keuter,
French Resident Commissioner of the New Hebrides Islands from 1940 – 1947.  It was originally part of a roll of short
snorters as evidenced by the remnants of cellophane tape at both ends of the note. In 1942, the New Hebrides was an
isolated island chain about 500 miles long.  They were located on the northeast edge of the Coral Sea, north of New
Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands. The New Hebrides Islands were populated by about 4,000
backward people in 1942.  Their main source of income was copra production. The Islands became an important staging
base and the South Pacific’s main supply depot.  The first airstrip was built on Espirito Santo in May of 1942.  It was
about 550 miles from Guadalcanal.
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