Philip D. McQuellin Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Philip D. McQuellin served as a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War 2. He was attached to
No 45 (Atlantic Transport) Group of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His son, Chris, of Albury,
New South Wales, Australia, submitted his father's short snorter on January 3, 2010, and writes...
Philip D. McQuellin (left) with the crew of a Hudson from No. 2 Squadron, 31 OTU, at Debert, Nova Scotia, November 1943.
"The note with his signatures was started in Accra,
Ghana, in April of 1944. My father had a good
collection of notes including the one attached which
has the name of actor Pat O'Brien as one of the
signatories. His 26 note short snorter roll includes
Silver Certificate one dollar notes from the USA,
including an over printed one from Hawaii. Other
notes extend from the Bahamas, Brazil, British West
Africa (now Nigeria), Morocco, and India. I would
dearly love to find two of the pilots or their families
on my fathers short snorter to share the information
with but have had no luck despite some searching...
Murray G. Hall of the Royal Canadian Air Force (six
    flights from Nassau to Allahabad via Brazil,
    Ascension Island, Accra, Aden, and Karachi).
G. A. Large of the Royal Air Force (two flights
    B-26 Nassau to Accra).
I have checked all the taped together notes but the
one I sent you was the only one that had signatures. I
have also attached the only one signed image of my
father with the crew of a Hudson with No. 2 Squadron,
31 OTU, at Debert, Nova Scotia, November 1943.
Patrol and Convoy escort duties.
                                              Cheers. Hope this helps."
APRIL. '44.   ACCRA"
P. D. McQuellin. R.A.A.F.

Murray G. Hall, R.C.A.F.

D. B. Macmillan, R.C.A.F.

A. F. Dickenson, R.A.F.

G. A. Large, R.A.F.

L. McPhee, R.C.A.F.

P. H. Garvie, R.C.A.F.

P. W. Band

J. D. Balfour

H. W. Robertson, R.C.A.F.

Pat O'Brien

P. G. Taylor

John Rayner, R.A.F.
19/3/45 (March 19)

Peter R. La??? 26/3/45