Virtual Museum                          Philippines Two Pesos                      Posted: 12.28.10
The Short Snorter Project
Philippines Two Pesos - Series 1936 - Serial Number D6417395D - Submitted by Haralds Robeznieks who writes, "I am
an avid collector of paper money and life member of the ANA and IBNS.  I purchased the attached short snorter at a
Milwaukee, WI coin shop in 1993.  I have always been fascinated by the names and lives that the Philippines may
represent and was thrilled to discover your site.  I commend your work and happily submit this example for all to enjoy.  
Also attached is my attempt to decipher the names. It is my guess that the owner was  William R. Whittington, who's
name appears on both the reverse and obverse, without a city/state (because he knows where he's from) and in a
primary location.   If you uncover any more details or a signator comes forward, please let me know."
Murray T. Ingram, SC   -   Harold Johnson, Walla Walla, WA   -   Roy T, R...,   MINN   -   Bob P., Rochester, NY   -   
Al G….lts, M..lll…   , IDA   -   M.J. DeLisa, Long Beach, CA   -   Joseph Daydreamt, Long Island, NY   -   Whittington, Wm.R.
Wilmar H. Wigner, IND
W.D. Moodie
Seattle, WA

Jimmy Pl???
Columbia SC

Joseph J. Boston
Atlantic City, NY

Robert Was???
St. Charles Rd.
3904 Bellwood, IL

Daniel Stabe

D???  C???

Freddy Treiber
Rochester, NY

Alex J. Watts
Box 203
???, Washington

W.R. Whittington

S……ly Belling
New Jersey

Walter Burke

Ted Alber

Guy H. Martin

Charles, W. Bayliss
Arnett, Okla.

C.R. Mosher

George E. Dreis