Post-War HAWAII Overprint Short Snorter - Dunn - October 12, 1945
U.S. One Dollar HAWAII Overprint Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # S51758724C -  Submitted by Jane Gershaw
on June 6, 2009.
Jane wrote, "I was given a $1 Hawaii short snorter some time ago.  It has lots of signatures, mostly legible.  I was
getting ready to sell it on Ebay till I saw your organization's website.  What should I do with this bill?  I am not a collector."
My response to Jane was, "It depends.... Does the short snorter have any sentimental value to you? If it belonged to a
relative, I would definitely try to keep it in the family and document as much as you can about it for the sake of other
family members. If there is no sentimental value, you can try to sell it on Ebay. Without looking at the note, you should be
able to get at least $20-30 for a HAWAII overprint short snorter. If you send me scans of the front and back I will
appraise the note (at no cost to you). Based upon the scans, I could post them to my website. Then you could refer to
those in an online auction. I also accept donations, which are tax deductible :-) Thanks for contacting me."
The Short Snorter Project