Raymond D. Lankford Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
T/Sgt Raymond D. Lankford was a B-25 Mitchell Tail Gunner in the 57th Bomb Wing, 321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb
Squadron, during World War 2. His crew was on an airfield that had recently been liberated from the Germans and the
field was in rough condition.  The USO show was coming in for a visit and Bob Hope's plane landed on the farthest place
on the runway. Ray Lankford jumped in a jeep, drove over and picked up Bob Hope, Francis Langford and George Goble.
The Lt's Brinkley (Hamilton and Wilton) and the crew were warmed up, so they simply got into their B-25 "SNAFU"
(B-25 #41-12930) and were taxied to the other side to their quarters and where the men were waiting. On the way over,
Ray Lankford got signatures of Bob Hope (front of note) and George Goble (back of note). (From Ray's proud son, Steve
Lankford, courtesy Barbara Ennis Connolly, 57th Bomb Wing Researcher and the Historian.)
George Goble
Bob Hope
Tail Gunner Raymond D. Lankford with mascot "Poochie" and pups astride a B-25 Mitchell.
Crew photo of the B-25 "SNAFU" (B-25 #41-12930). Ray Lankford is kneeling lower left with mascot "Poochie".