Short Snorter Club Registry - Tom Sparks Note #2 - Signed by Bud Tordoff
The Short Snorter Project
Created to commemorate the Grand Opening of The Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field, Everett, WA,
on June 6th, 2008. Signed by Army Air Corps ace Harrison "Bud" Tordoff who actually flew the North
American P-51D Mustang ("
UPUPA EPOPS") on exhibit at The Flying Heritage Collection during WWII.
Captain Tordoff shot down an Me-262 jet, just one of seven flyers to accomplish that feat.


Carter Teeters - warbird pilot &
instructor for Alaska Airlines

George Grimm - Pilot, PB2Y
Coronado. VR-2, VRJ-1, VR-8

Bud Tordoff - Pilot, P-47 and
P-51D. 8th Army Air Force, 353rd
Fighter Group, 352nd Fighter
Squadron. WWII fighter ace.

Bruce Ainsworth - Patton's 3rd
Army, 558th Field Artillery.

Art Unruh - Waist Gunner, B-17
Flying Fortress. 15th Army Air
Force, 301st Bomb Group,
Bomb Squadron.

Kenneth Sparks - Navigator,
B-17G Flying Fortress. 8th Army
Air Force,
384th Bomb Group,
547th Bomb Squadron (H).

Bill Wenneberg - Pilot, P-47. 9th
Army Air Force, 50th Fighter
Group, 313th Fighter Squadron.

(vertical in margin)
John T. Sessions - warbird pilot
and Chairman, Historic Flight

John Penney - warbird pilot and
celebrated air racer.

Greg Anders - warbird pilot and
Executive Director of the
Heritage Flight Museum.
Lt. Harrison "Bud" Tordoff standing in front of his North American P-51D "UPUPA EPOPS" during WW2.
P-51 Mustang "Missing Man Formation" flown on August 23rd, 2008, in tribute to Harrison "Bud" Tordoff
at the Flying Heritage Collection, Paine Field, WA. (Photo courtesy of Norman Gordon).
Harrison "Bud" Tordoff and UPUPA EPOPS, June 2008. "I flew this plane in World War Two."
Lt. Harrison "Bud" Tordoff with crew in front of P-51D "UPUPA EPOPS" during WW2.
Two young fans of UPUPA EPOPS at the Flying Heritage Collection, Paine Field.
UPUPA EPOPS "biggest" fan waits with anticipation for the warbird to fly on August 22, 2009.