Old "Short Snorter Club" Short Snorter on a Star Note
U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # *62224546A -  Submitted by Richard Greene on May 27, 2009.
Richard writes, "Hi.  I’ve attached scans of the front and back of a “Short Snorter Club” bill that my grandfather gave me
when I was young.  He was never in the service (worked for the government), but somehow came across this bill.  I
know no history of it other than the fact that it came into my possession around 1955. My wife and I independently tried
to make out all of the names on the bill….only a few were not decipherable. THEN, we found the key to the origin of the
bill.  On the reverse side there is a scratchy signature upside-down under the word “ONE”.  The name is Jack Harless.  
He just happens to be my uncle!!!!!  He was in the Signal Corps during WWII in the Army Air Corps, and later in the Air
Force.  He retired as a Major in the Air Force.  This would explain how my grandfather got the bill!

N. Jacob Lyzewski

E. Grady Hanes Jr.

R.H. Roseberry

J.F. Manning


G.A. Welil (or Melil?)

LeRoy F. Reigelman


Nat Hunter  20th  (?)

Remainder indecipherable
The Short Snorter Project