Short Snorter - North Atlantic Chapter - W. Gould - Posted: 11.21.09
The Short Snorter Project
Greece 2000 unit note - Serial Number KE270697 - Overprinted with "SHORT SNORTER / North Atlantic Chapter / TWA /
Trans World Airlines". Belonging to W. Gould, 5-26-46.
Submitted by Kim Shaw who writes, "I was wondering if you could help identify the attached short snorter.  They
belonged to my grandfather, Walter Gould, who was a foreign manager for United Artists during the 1930's and 1940's.  
I never met him, as he passed away in 1955.  Anyways, I just came across these while sorting through belongings
passed down to me. Thank you and I appreciate any help you can provide!"

Jack Hermann

George W. Snyder

Bob Power

Bob Feabei?  "FSO"

Nancy Hamilton

James W. Boyd "F/E"

Vernon Michael "R/O"

Haines Dennis