Thomas O. Pierce Training Photos, R & R, and Transport Duty
The Short Snorter Project
Thomas O. Pierce flew 59 combat missions in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Greece during World War 2 as a U.S. Army
Air Corps pilot of a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Thomas Pierce went on to fly transports in the Pacific Theatre ferrying supplies
and troops over and wounded back.  His last missions were into Tokyo flying out Prisoners-of-War (POWs).  The photos
posted here from his training days at Randolph Field, R & R in North Africa, and transport duty were made available by
his son-in-law, Bob Chadwell (an ex-Naval Aviator, who also has a short snorter from the Vietnam War era). Thanks Bob!
Training Photos - Randolph Field
                                                                                                                                   Instrument panel of a BT-9 trainer.
Rest and Recreation - North Africa
This B-25 - 8Y - #41-30392 - was nicknamed "TAXI" by the 488th Bomb Squadron as it originally came unarmed and was
very fast. Subsequently, it was used to ferry VIPs around North Africa, hence the name. Later armored for missions.
Enjoying a trip to the Sphinx and a camel ride on March 3rd, 1943.
Lt. Jerome J. Walsh (Pilot), Lt. Lowell C. Lewis (Pilot), Lt. Seymour S. Olian (Pilot), and Alfred J. Sanviti (Navigator).
Another camel ride? This was a trip to El Fasher in April, 1943.
Transport Duty
C-54 cargo plane warming up on the tarmac.
Air Command C-54 with crew, litters, etc., showing the full compliment of the staff to support medical evacuation.
This is the C-54 which was originally outfitted for President Franklin D. Roosevelt with the elevator in the floor. This
picture was taken at Hamilton Field in April 1945. The same plane brought President Truman to Hamilton Field on May 25,
1945. On the left forward part of the fuselage may be seen the small painted flags of the countries flown over with F.D.R.