Virtual Museum                                              Banknote: US 1 dollar - Posted: 2.06.09
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial# U48602821B. Submitted by Terry Bates.
Great example of a dated, single note, short snorter. Only thing missing is a location. Terry received this in payment
about 20 years ago and would like to know if anyone recognizes any of the names of any relatives.
Send me an email.


Shell Williams

Elmer G. Ralston


Charlie F. Banning?

???? W. Wittel
2nd Lt. A.C.

Ben E. Johnson

C. M. Vanderbigl?

DECEMBER 1, 1942

Chris Gaudette

Chas. O Riley, Jr.

C. E. Greene?

George Potter

Frank Chilholie

Geo. R. Williams

John E. ?????